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Hi, David! First of all, thank you so very, very much for the attention given to packing and returning my glasses with my new unit. It was very thoughtful of you, and I'm very appreciative. Secondly, I got the new unit, it works, and at the risk of not being very politically correct....ohmygod!!! It has skyrocketed to the top of my favorite toy list! I'm a member of Sexy Ads which is where I saw your link, and have a fairly decent reputation there, getting approximately 200 views per day. Just wanted you to know I plan on plugging your product there and really hope you get lots of new orders for the Celebrator! I'm that happy with it. Thanks again, and we'll definitely be making more purchases from you! Sincerely yours, Katie M.

Talk about making a girl smile ~ the Celebrator really does that and a whole lot more.   OMG - a whole lot more.  When I hold that long, hard handle in my hand and flip the switch to "on" well, it's as if I'm holding my man in my hands and directing his cock to my clit to pleasure me until I can't take any more.  The powerful vibration of the tip as it touches me and teases me takes over the edge with a pulsating orgasm that makes me quiver with pleasure. This little sex machine is purrrr-fect in every way ~ if only it would talk to me while it's making me cum.  
Dear Ultimate Celebrator,
I just wanted to write and let you know what a wild ride I had with my new Celebrator II vibrator. My husband got me this and when I looked at it I honestly did not think it would do much for me as I have enjoyed different vibrators in the past. OMG was I wrong. In less than 5 minutes using this toy, I had an explosive orgasm. I could not believe I came so hard and so fast. It was GREAT. After I caught my breath I tried it again and the same thing happened! WOW. Add me to your mailing list for any new toys like this you might offer.
Thanks again,
Nikki - xoxo
I just had my 6th experience in introducing a lady to "The Celebrator" - since I first discovered it in August. It continues to amaze me - even with high expectations. This particular lady assured me that she never used "toys" and that they really weren't for her - and she's a grandmother so she has had time to try various devices. In less than 5 minutes, this delightful lady went from "not for me" thru 2 orgasms to "Where Can I GET One of These?". This is an astonishing device. Every woman deserves a chance to experience it.
I had the fortunate opportunity of trying out this new toy. Never in my life have I been so stimulated. It was literally a nonstop…five-minute orgasm. It only took about two seconds, no kidding to hit maximum and beyond pleasure. Yes, I had to call Uncle to have my partner stop using it on me. In addition, if you take it traveling with you and your questioned about what it is you can tell them it is a gum massager. They will never know the real wonders of such a small toy.
It's been a little while since the Lifestyles Convention in Las Vegas, but it took a little while to unpack and "dig out". Ruthie was *so* pleased with your gentlemanly attentiveness - and I'm still shocked at how effective "The Celebrator" was - and is.
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