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The Celebrator ® - Ultimate Sex Toys & Vibrator for Women
An average of 33% of all women has a hard time having an orgasm. This percentage increases to 50% when there’s a partner involved. So if you’re having trouble having an orgasm, you’re not the only one! Female sexual arousal and orgasm is a complex process involving the entire woman, mind and body. Science defines orgasm as the involuntary muscle spasms that come with the release of sexual tension. This stark definition does not even hint at the variety of orgasmic experiences available to the willing pleasure seeker. Most women require direct clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm and vibrators deliver powerful, consistent stimulation like nothing else can. The extra oomph that vibrators give to the clitoris is just what many women need to come whether alone or with a partner.
At UltimateCelebrator, we celebrate sex toys for women as a fun and integral part of a satisfying sex life. If you want to buy a vibrator then you have certainly come to the right place as we sell the best quality female vibrators at the lowest prices. Get turned on! Explore your erotic mind with Celebrator®, the ultimate pussy vibrator. Whether you have a favorite asturbation technique or you can't get over the top, try adding Celebrator® for a change. You may be surprised at how quickly you can come or how intense the orgasm can be.
Celebrator II® is a fun gadget, a little bit naughty, inexpensive, and very effective! Celebrator II® is a unique massage vibrator that is to use externally in the key feminine “pleasure zones” found around the clitoris. Women who have used the Celebrator II® say it’s the fastest, most intense orgasm they have ever had. In short: the Celebrator II® is fun, subtle, tasteful, discreet and made especially for you! With proper care, the Celebrator II® can be used multiple times. After use, wash thoroughly with water and antibacterial soap, followed by an alcohol-based hand cleanser dip. When you use the Celebrator II® with a partner, be aware that safe-sex practices are still applicable.
Purchasing Options The Celebrator II® is only $39.99
Celebrator II is ONLY $39.99
Replacement Celebrator II® Tips
1 Individual Tip $8.00
2 Celebrator Tips $15.00
3 Celebrator Tips $19.98
Liquid O is sold by the tube and has about 35 appliations per tube. Only $19.99
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