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Celebrator - Celebrator Package

Heres what you get!

  • Celebrator II clitoris vibrator
  • Optional discounted Liquid O
  • Optional discounted replacement tips

The one and only! This little baby is not just any massager. It is a massager with a twist. It does not just massage a woman's pleasure spot, it flicks it back and forth producing unrealized pleasure never before felt. It is about time massaging toy technology has caught up with the times! Celebrator II® does need lube it is that powerful! Celebrator II®, clitoris massager is an inexpensive yet highly orgasmic and stimulating sex toy! Celebrator II® is unique among sex toys as it creates vibrations throughout the key feminine, erogenous zones around and including the clitoris. Women who have used Celebrator II® female massagers say it’s the fastest, most intense sexual pleasure they've ever had.. Please be advised, if the Celebrator II® tip is not smooth, it is no longer useable but replacement tips are available. DO NOT USE ON IRRITATED OR BROKEN SKIN! The use of a high-quality water based or silicone-based personal lubricant is highly recommended. Celebrator II® contains no latex. Keep out of reach of children. Choking Hazard. Celebrator II® is water proof and has two speeds ... 4600/9600 Oscillations per minute! Strongly recommended to use a good lubricant with this product. Liquid O is a perfect addition to the Celebrator II® for unparalleled female pleasure.

Celebrator II is ONLY $39.99
Liquid O is sold by the tube and has about 35 appliations per tube. Only $19.99
   Replacement Celebrator II® Tips
1 Individual Tip $8.00
2 Celebrator Tips $15.00
3 Celebrator Tips $19.98 WOW
We hope that our Celebrator® section has been a help in ending your search for the ultimate orgasm producer. We are a one stop to buy clitoral vibrators, clitoris vibrators to increase sexual desire and vaginal lubrication, as well as increased intensity and frequency of orgasms.
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